We are bringing STILL, Singapore's hottest boxing studio to you! Feel the high and the burn in this action-packed group boxing class. Please bring your own wraps, gloves will be provided. 

Ride to the beat with Absolute Cycle! Experience a dynamic and interactive workout, combining interactive connection with other riders and the power of breath to take you on a start to finish journey. In dim lights and pumped up music, experience a mind-blowing, heart-pounding and multi-sensory ride. Please bring your own shoes. 


Looking to tone up? Try one of these full-body toning classes designed to strengthen, lengthen and sculpt your muscles. With ballet, barre and calisthenics to choose from, you'll be leaner, feel stronger and stand taller in no time!  


BASICS by Still Boxing - BOX

Our signature aqua-bag boxing HIIT class brought down a notch. Expect a full body workout that will work you from your head to toe with more emphasis on form and techniques. Most suited for beginners.


CORE by Still Boxing - BOX
Take our signature aqua-bag boxing HIIT class to the next level: blast your abs and tighten the core! This class has a focus on core work to build the ab strength you need to box.


ENDURANCE by Still Boxing - BOX

Go all out with a mix of cardio HIIT exercises and punching drills that builds up arm endurance so that you can box longer and faster.


RIDE by Absolute Cycle - RIDE

Gain the confidence you need to go the distance. A standard class for all levels designed for those who have a good cardio base or exercise regularly. Sweat guaranteed. Prepare to move.

CLASSIC by BalletBody - TONE

Train like a dancer with BalletBody. A unique ballet based workout created by professional ballet dancers, designed for all fitness levels, dancers and non-dancers. Sculpt, tone and lengthen your muscles with moves taken from a traditional classical ballet class with a touch of pilates mat work at the end! 


BASICS by BalletBody - TONE

For those who want to fine-tune or learn the fundamentals of Ballet technique. BalletBody Basics teaches you the essentials while still giving a full body work out.


CALISHRED by Start Station - TONE

Improve your cardiovascular endurance and strength in this sweaty and vigorous class where you will be trained like an athlete. Explore calisthenics or bodyweight exercises like variations of push ups, pull ups, squats and jumps in a HIIT format. These compound movements use multiple muscle groups and will be done in short, intense bursts of 20-40 seconds in a full body circuit. 


CALISTRENGTH by Start Station - TONE

This class will improve your strength and explosive power. With the help of gymnastic rings and paralettes, this class is designed to work the entire body in unison as we explore movements, with emphasis on form and control. By using techniques like time under tension and explosive action, you will develop strength to move on to advanced calisthenics movements like planche, front lever, and handstands. 



An exhilarating workout inspired by ballet, yoga, pilates & strength training to transform your entire body. Classes will be a fusion of isometric holds (small controlled movements) and full-range dynamic movements that will challenge you to build strength yet moving gracefully with poise. Think body control, flow, strength & technique fused into one class – challenging you to go beyond your limits!



Perfect for beginners who want a taste of barre and the opportunity to learn the signature moves at a slower pace. The class will focus on technique & form in a more intimate setting so you will have plenty of guidance in anything you’re unsure of. 



Complement your barre classes by stretching out all of those muscles you have burned. We will work on increasing flexibility, improving mobility and reducing your risk of injury. Walk out of this class opened up, lengthened and feeling good from head to toe!